The Bygone Years

Posted in Uncategorized on January 4, 2011 by jeenada2

Only a few years, yet feels like forever

I’m standing where I was, but nothing I see is familiar

It is hard to accept but this is how it is

Nothing that I dislike, yet I want to go back in time

The time when a pat was enough to reassure

When a few candies were enough to bring a smile…

But change, so inevitable…

Always takes away the most precious years

A desire deep inside my heart

To relive the years that have passed

To run, to jump, to fall, to dream,

To care, to love… yet never be scared

Today I stand amidst a crowd

Everything around looks fuzzy and blur

A million faces not one of my own

Its a new world and i am a different me.

Should I be happy to be different or sad to be me?

There are questions I want life to answer

There are questions that life throws back at me

Not for one I have an answer

Not one life has answered me


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